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My name is Jiří Procházka and I'm 27 years old. I am a professional athlete – bodybuilder, trainer and nutritionist. I have achieved the titles of the Czech Champion, the Master of Europe and even three times the title of World Champion. I am also WBFF Muscle Model PRO, PURE ELITE Overall World Champion and MUSCLE MODEL PRO.

I love my sport wholeheartedly and I have decided to give it the absolute maximum in my life. It has become my lifestyle, to which I also sacrificed private life. Nevertheless, it fills me with happiness and I see in it the deep sense of its existence. Every day is another challenge for me to overcome myself and motivates me to work more and more. Every success gives me more energy and motivation to compete, despite the fact that my sport does not belong to the light ones.

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I am aware of the fact that being at the top of the sport is temporary and sometimes it can change suddenly from day to day. The prerequisite for my successful career is stable and solid health. However, I'm constantly undergoing the risk of injury, and my sporting career can always affect an unexpected health problem or illness, as with people in other professions. That's why I'm trying to find a way to secure myself if I had such an injury

Secure your future with diamonds.

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Recently, good acquaintance of me, that I knew was in finance for many years, working with a number of major companies and institutions, get me acquainted with Diamonds International Corporation (DIC), and showed me how to smartly create financial reserves and how to gradually build a secondary income that will allow me to have financial stability even if I have to restrict or even end my sporting career.

It is a brand new program by D.I.C. called DIAMOND CERTAINTY. It is a project that allows saving and investing in diamonds, including the possibility of buying diamond jewelry and watches at really affordable and reasonable prices for everyone, and above all, getting a whole range of bonuses from company turnover, which really made me very interested.

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Diamond certainty

Diamond Certainty is a project that allows virtually anyone to buy the best quality diamonds and diamond jewelry, as the diamond price is paid in the form of minimum monthly deposits.

In addition, this project allows people to have a financial stake in the diamond company's turnover and gain regular monthly income - without any risk and prior experience with sales or marketing.

Benefits and functionality

  • You can have any diamond or jewel you wish for, thanks to monthly savings deposits.

  • You can increase, reduce, pause, or terminate monthly payments at any time.

  • You always get a diamond or jewelry against your money.

  • You never pay any fees or fines.

  • Thanks to the Loyalty Bonus, you have a share in the project turnover and a steadily growing monthly income.

  • You can have a significantly higher income if you are actively involved in the project.

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I became familiar with the project, got answers to all the questions and decided to become part of it. For this reason I can only recommend it to all of you. If you think of the future as well as of the quality of your life, your family, your children, and their lives, you can easily understand that being part of it is simply worthwhile.

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